Willie Jefferson, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers veteran defensive end, took on a different role at the CFL Combine, contributing off the field by offering advice and motivation to prospects and even participating in a livestreaming event. He expressed his passion for being part of the league and his desire to help motivate young players, emphasizing the importance of making the most of opportunities, especially for those who may not have had a great showing at the Combine.

By the Numbers
  • Willie Jefferson participated in a livestreaming event for the CFL, showcasing his interest in pursuing a media career post-football.
  • He provided advice to Combine prospects, emphasizing the significance of enjoying the experience and making plays to secure spots on teams.
State of Play
  • Willie Jefferson's involvement in the CFL Combine showcased his dedication to supporting and motivating young players.
  • He highlighted the importance of perseverance and making the most of opportunities in the competitive environment of professional football.
Bottom Line

Willie Jefferson's multifaceted contributions at the CFL Combine underscore the value of experienced players in offering guidance and motivation to prospects, emphasizing the significance of seizing opportunities and perseverance in the competitive world of professional football.