The UMass Lowell men's lacrosse team fell to the Binghamton Bearcats, 15-6, with junior Riley Lawhorn scoring two goals, reaching a career-high of seven goals. Senior Garrett Murphy and freshman Johnny Soi extended their scoring streaks to three games, while senior Justin Longo and freshman Colby Frigon also contributed goals for UMass Lowell.

By the Numbers
  • Riley Lawhorn scored two goals, reaching a career-high of seven.
  • Luke Renaud made a season-high 17 saves for UMass Lowell.
  • Alexander Chairs caused three turnovers for UMass Lowell.
Yes, But

The UMass Lowell team struggled in the game, especially with starting strong in the first quarter, allowing the Bearcats to secure an early lead.

State of Play
  • In a high-scoring first quarter, both teams exchanged six goals in just over three minutes.
  • UMass Lowell's defense improved in the second quarter, allowing only two goals from Binghamton.
  • The River Hawks fought hard in the fourth quarter, with Colby Frigon scoring the final goal of the game.
What's Next

UMass Lowell will face UMBC on Saturday, April 6, at Cushing Field following this loss against Binghamton.

Bottom Line

The UMass Lowell men's lacrosse team faced a tough loss against Binghamton, highlighting the need to improve their game starts and defensive strategies for future matches.