The St. Louis Cardinals displayed their winning formula in a victory over the Padres, showcasing key elements for success in the 2024 season.

By the Numbers
  • In 2023, the Cardinals had a 30% quality start rate and were significantly more successful when their starting pitchers delivered quality starts.
  • Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson combined for a 46% quality start rate in 2023, highlighting the impact of strong pitching performances.
Yes, But

The Cardinals' success is dependent on consistent performance across pitching, offense, and defense, which may not always align perfectly.

State of Play
  • The Cardinals' victory over the Padres demonstrated their ability to execute their winning formula effectively.
  • Not every game will mirror this success, but the team has shown the potential to compete and make strides towards the playoffs.
Bottom Line

The Cardinals' victory underscored the significance of quality starts, offensive prowess, and solid defense in their pursuit of success, offering a blueprint for competitiveness in the 2024 season.