Colin Cowherd draws parallels between Luka Doncic and Carmelo Anthony, emphasizing Doncic's three-point shooting prowess. Cowherd applauds Doncic's court performance, particularly his proficiency in shooting from beyond the arc, suggesting he surpasses Anthony in this aspect.

By the Numbers
  • Doncic has a three-point shooting percentage of 34.6%, while Anthony's is slightly higher at 35.5%.
  • Doncic attempts an average of 8.6 three-pointers per game, overshadowing Anthony's 3.9 attempts per game.
Yes, But

Some fans find the comparison between Doncic and Anthony insulting, highlighting Doncic's strong playmaking abilities and teamwork compared to Anthony's less prominent focus on passing.

State of Play
  • Cowherd's analysis underscores Doncic's evolving role in the Mavericks' gameplay and potential improvements in utilizing his playmaking skills.
  • There is contrasting feedback from fans, with some defending Doncic's unique strengths and others questioning the fairness of comparing him to Anthony.
What's Next

Future discussions may delve deeper into how Doncic's playing style evolves and how the Mavericks strategize to maximize his strengths in the team's gameplay.

Bottom Line

Cowherd's comparison sparks debates over Doncic's unique skills and the relevance of likening him to Anthony, highlighting the complexities of assessing players based on different aspects of their game.