Jayson Tatum impresses fans in Charlotte with a stellar performance, scoring 25 points and showcasing his dedication to the Celtics beyond home games.

By the Numbers
  • Tatum has averaged 36.2 points, 8 rebounds, and 4.7 assists in six career games on Mondays against Charlotte.
  • In his seven-year career with the Celtics, Tatum has played a total of 509 games.
Yes, But

While Tatum's commitment to playing in every game is admirable, some may argue that rest and load management have proven beneficial for other NBA stars in the past.

State of Play
  • Tatum led the Celtics to victory over the Hornets, tying the season series at 1-1.
  • With just two games remaining, the Celtics are focused on maintaining their top spot in the Eastern Conference.
What's Next

As the season progresses, Tatum aims to continue competing at a high level and lead the Celtics into the playoffs with a strong finish.

Bottom Line

Jayson Tatum's unwavering dedication to playing every game, especially on the road, highlights his commitment to fans and the Celtics organization, setting him apart as a truly special player in the league.