The Buffalo Bills are reportedly trading wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans in exchange for a 2025 second-round draft pick, with the Bills taking on a $31 million dead cap charge next season.

By the Numbers
  • The Bills will receive a 2025 second-round pick from the Texans.
  • The Texans will acquire Stefon Diggs, a 2024 sixth-round pick, and a 2025 fifth-round pick.
Yes, But

Diggs' production dropped after an offensive coordinator change, prompting his likely departure from the Bills.

State of Play
  • Texans' GM Nick Caserio has been active in the offseason, adding several key players to the roster.
  • Bills are restructuring their roster with several departures, including Diggs and others.
What's Next

The trade will impact both teams' offensive dynamics, with the Texans gaining a new weapon and the Bills reshuffling their receiving corps.

Bottom Line

The Bills and Texans are making significant moves in the offseason, with Diggs' trade marking a pivotal change in both teams' strategies and rosters.