In the 2024 Opening Series, the Oakland Athletics struggled defensively, committing numerous errors that extended innings, creating frustration among fans and players alike.

By the Numbers
  • Oakland amassed 8 errors against the Cleveland Guardians and 5 errors in a game against Boston.
  • The Athletics averaged 3.91 pitches per plate appearance, close to the league average of 3.89.
Yes, But

The Cleveland Guardians, despite being a younger team, displayed better plate approach and success compared to the Athletics, leading to a mismatch in skill and game performance.

State of Play
  • The Athletics are struggling to find their rhythm early in the season, facing challenges in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game.
  • The disparity in possession time during batting between the Athletics and their opponents has raised concerns about control and balance in their gameplay.
What's Next

It remains to be seen whether the young and inexperienced Athletics team can improve their performance and find stability on the field as the season progresses.

Bottom Line

As the Athletics face early-season challenges, their ability to regroup, improve gameplay balance, and adjust their approach will be crucial in determining their success in the league.