The Buffalo Bills are finalizing a trade to send four-time Pro Bowl receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans, ending his time in Buffalo amidst a somewhat toxic relationship with the organization.

By the Numbers
  • Buffalo will receive a 2025 second-round pick from Houston in exchange for Diggs.
  • Buffalo will also send a 2024 sixth-rounder and a 2025 fifth-round pick to Houston along with Diggs.
Yes, But

The trade reflects the end of a strained relationship between Diggs and the Bills, impacting Buffalo's wide receiver depth significantly.

State of Play
  • Stefon Diggs joins a rising Houston team with a talented receiving corps, enhancing their offensive capabilities.
  • Buffalo faces the challenge of reshaping its wide receiver room after the departure of Diggs and other receivers, impacting their offensive dynamics.
What's Next

Buffalo will now need to strategize its wide receiver acquisitions, potentially through the NFL Draft, to compensate for the loss of Diggs and other departing players.

Bottom Line

The trade of Stefon Diggs marks a significant shift in both the Bills and Texans' offensive strategies, with implications for their performances in the upcoming season.