Remembering Jim Hopson's impact through treasured Grey Cup memories, championing players in schools, and selfless gestures towards fans like Crystal and Paul McGregor.

By the Numbers
  • Crystal passed away at 35 years old on May 15, 2014.
  • Jim Hopson served as President-CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 2005 to 2015.
Yes, But

The story highlights Jim Hopson's positive impact, but his passing leaves behind a legacy to uphold.

State of Play
  • Jim Hopson's leadership legacy in the Saskatchewan Roughriders resonates through various initiatives benefiting young people.
  • The Rider Foundation continues to engage players as ambassadors in schools for mental health and literacy programs.
What's Next

The Saskatchewan Roughriders and their community will continue to honor Jim Hopson's memory through ongoing outreach programs and initiatives.

Bottom Line

Jim Hopson's enduring impact on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, fans like Crystal and Paul McGregor, and community initiatives underscores his legacy of selflessness and dedication to empowering others.