Menlo Club's Climbing Club, led by senior Zach Ruwitch, gathers monthly at rock climbing gyms for thrill-seeking adventures, fostering a community around the sport.

By the Numbers
  • Ruwitch started the Menlo Climbing Club in the fall to share his passion for climbing with the Menlo community.
  • The club's first event at a local Movement Gym on Feb. 3 involved nine students.
Yes, But

While rock climbing is typically an individual activity, the club provides a supportive and communal environment for climbers of all levels.

State of Play
  • The club meets at various climbing gyms around the Bay Area at different levels, with a focus on casual and flexible participation.
  • Members like Ana Banchs and Jacob Elkes appreciate the freedom, goal-oriented nature, and social aspects of the club.
  • Experienced members offer tips and guidance to newer climbers, promoting a learning and supportive atmosphere within the club.
What's Next

The Menlo Climbing Club is likely to continue its monthly climbing events, fostering a sense of community and adventure among its members.

Bottom Line

Menlo Club's Climbing Club provides a platform for students to engage in rock climbing, promoting a sense of community, skill development, and mutual support among climbers of all levels.