Retired NFL linemen Quentin Neujahr and Mark Traynowicz, along with former MLB players Kimera Bartee and Jackie Brandt, are among the 12 players and 5 coaches selected for induction into the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame this fall.

By the Numbers
  • 19 individuals comprising 12 athletes, 5 coaches, 1 contributor, and 1 official make up the new Hall of Fame class
State of Play
  • Induction ceremony scheduled for Sept. 29 at Lincoln East High School
  • Basketball players Nevaeh White, Donaejah Washington, Mallory Gessert, Kennadi Williams, and Aidan McDowell named boys' and girls' first-team Super-Staters by the Journal Star
What's Next

The upcoming induction ceremony and the recognition of outstanding high school basketball athletes indicate a continued celebration of sports excellence in Nebraska.

Bottom Line

The selection of an esteemed Hall of Fame class and the recognition of top high school athletes highlight the rich sporting legacy and talent pool in Nebraska, showcasing the impact of these individuals on the state's sports history.