Jim Hopson's legacy as the Saskatchewan Roughriders' President-CEO from 2005 to 2015 is remembered with gratitude and respect by former colleagues for his leadership and impact on the organization.

By the Numbers
  • Jim Hopson was the President-CEO of the Roughriders from 2005 to 2015.
  • He passed away at age 73 after a three-year battle with colon cancer.
Yes, But

While Hopson's leadership was widely praised, some controversial decisions during his tenure were acknowledged.

State of Play
  • Former colleagues express gratitude and respect for Hopson's impactful leadership.
  • Hopson's endorsement led to the rebuilding of the team, culminating in a home-field Grey Cup victory in 2013.
What's Next

The legacy of Jim Hopson as a respected leader and mentor will continue to influence and inspire those who worked with him.

Bottom Line

Jim Hopson's leadership as President-CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders left a lasting impact on the organization, shaping its culture and success, and earning him praise and gratitude from former colleagues.