Ex-Washington Capitals teammates reconnect through their involvement with LactiGo, a muscle recovery gel gaining popularity among NHL players, after drifting apart post-hockey.

By the Numbers
  • Fehr, Beagle, and Alzner played together from 2008-15 during the Capitals' "Rock the Red" era.
  • Only Beagle was with the Capitals when they won the Stanley Cup in 2018.
  • Alzner left in 2017 and Beagle in 2015, leading to their eventual reunion through LactiGo.
Yes, But

Some athletes are hesitant to share LactiGo due to its perceived competitive advantage, hindering marketing efforts.

State of Play
  • Former teammates Fehr, Beagle, and Alzner are actively involved with LactiGo, aiming to build awareness for the product.
  • LactiGo has gained traction among NHL players, with testimonials from players like James van Riemsdyk and Kevin Shattenkirk.
What's Next

The trio continues to work together on LactiGo, navigating the challenges of marketing a product considered a "best-kept secret" in hockey.

Bottom Line

Former Capitals teammates have found a unique way to reconnect post-hockey through their shared involvement in LactiGo, emphasizing camaraderie and business success beyond the ice.