St. Paul hopes for another classic as Minnesota colleges have a rich history of intense and memorable hockey matchups, with incredible moments and victories over the years.

By the Numbers
  • Minnesota colleges have won the last three Frozen Fours in St. Paul.
  • Teams like Boston University, Boston College, Michigan, and Denver are set to compete in the current championship, ending the Minnesota streak.
Yes, But

The pressure and nerves of playing in high-stakes games in Minnesota are felt by players regardless of which side they're on, showcasing the intense atmosphere and expectations.

State of Play
  • Minnesota colleges have a strong hockey culture deeply embedded in the state's identity and community-based support for the sport.
  • Players share stories of adversity, joy, and unique experiences in winning titles in St. Paul, highlighting the emotional rollercoaster of hockey triumphs.
What's Next

As the competition continues, hockey enthusiasts can expect more intense matchups and memorable moments that define the sport's significance in Minnesota.

Bottom Line

Minnesota's hockey legacy is a testament to the state's passion for the sport, showcasing a blend of community support, individual resilience, and unforgettable victories that shape the narrative of hockey in the region.