A 27-year-old quarterback, Shea Patterson, is coaching two Little League teams in addition to preparing for his second season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

By the Numbers
  • Patterson was selected by the Texas Rangers in the 38th round of the 2018 MLB draft.
  • He signed with the Roughriders on Feb. 13, 2023, and dressed for 13 games last season.
  • Employed as the short-yardage quarterback, Patterson scored two touchdowns in his first CFL season.
Yes, But

Despite being scouted by the Texas Rangers and the team's subsequent World Series win, Patterson remains focused on football and has no plans to return to baseball.

State of Play
  • Shea Patterson is part of the Roughriders' quarterbacking equation, alongside Trevor Harris, Mason Fine, Antonio Pipkin, and newcomer Jack Coan.
  • New additions to the Roughriders include Head Coach Corey Mace and Offensive Coordinator Marc Mueller, creating excitement for the upcoming season.
What's Next

Patterson is eager for the upcoming season with the Roughriders, expressing faith in the staff, the atmosphere in Saskatchewan, and anticipating something special on the horizon.

Bottom Line

Shea Patterson's dedication to football and enthusiasm for the upcoming season with the Roughriders showcase his passion for the game and determination to excel in the CFL.