Astros suffer a defeat to the Rangers, marking their worst 15-game start since 2013, amidst ongoing struggles with starting pitching.

By the Numbers
  • Astros' 15-game start: 4-11 record
  • Houston's team ERA: 5.56, second worst in MLB
Yes, But

Ongoing injuries to key rotation players have significantly impacted the Astros' performance.

State of Play
  • Astros have lost four consecutive games and six of their last eight.
  • Rangers, with an 8-6 record, emerged victorious in the ALCS rematch against the Astros.
What's Next

Houston faces a challenge in regaining momentum and improving the performance of their starting pitching rotation.

Bottom Line

The Astros' struggles with starting pitching and their poor 15-game start raise concerns about their ability to compete effectively in the league, necessitating swift adjustments and improvements.