The Blue Jays bullpen, currently missing top relievers Erik Swanson and Jordan Romano, is relying on others to fill the void, with Trevor Richards standing out as a commendable contributor in the early season. After a tumultuous 2023, where he excelled in the first half but struggled in the second, the team has retained confidence in Richards' potential. With a solid start in 2024, showcasing a 2.70 ERA in 6.2 innings, Richards is displaying the ability to be a valuable asset for the Jays.

By the Numbers
  • In 2021, Richards pitched to a 3.31 ERA and a 0.79 WHIP in 32.2 innings for the Blue Jays.
  • In 2023, Richards saw a decline, finishing with a 5.34 ERA in 62 games.
  • Since 2021, Richards has posted a K% of 31.4 and has excelled at getting batters to whiff.
  • Batters whiffed on Richards' changeup 47.8% of the time last year, making it his most effective pitch.
Yes, But

Richards' inconsistency and struggles with command, particularly with his fastball, present ongoing challenges and uncertainties about his reliability in the long term.

State of Play
  • Blue Jays bullpen currently without top relievers Swanson and Romano
  • Richards has shown promise with a strong start in 2024, but concerns remain about his long-term reliability
What's Next

The Jays will closely monitor Richards' performance and consistency, as his current pace suggests the potential for a satisfying season if he maintains it.

Bottom Line

As the Blue Jays navigate a bullpen stretched thin, Trevor Richards has emerged as a promising contributor, yet his long-term effectiveness remains uncertain.