The Rockies face the Blue Jays in a challenging series, with Ryan Feltner aiming to secure the rotation's first win of 2024 against Kevin Gausman.

By the Numbers
  • Ryan Feltner struck out 10 and allowed one run in his last start.
  • Kevin Gausman, a Grandview High School graduate, has a 2-1 record and a 4.46 ERA in seven previous starts against the Rockies.
Yes, But

The Rockies have faced tough competition with 16 of their first 19 games against 2023 postseason teams.

State of Play
  • Rockies (3-10) face Blue Jays (6-7) in a three-game series in Toronto.
  • Charlie Blackmon is not in the starting lineup due to illness.
What's Next

The outcome of this game will significantly impact the Rockies' standing in the early 2024 season and set the tone for future matchups.

Bottom Line

The Rockies are up against tough competition in their early season matchups, with Ryan Feltner seeking to lead the team to its first win in a critical game against Kevin Gausman and the Blue Jays.