The Huskers are in a tight spot as they face crucial games on the road, needing wins to secure an NCAA bid. Last week, they had a mixed performance, including close losses and impressive victories.

By the Numbers
  • The Huskers finished the week 2-2 against top 30 opponents.
  • Current Record: 23-15 Overall, 6-2 Big 10 (Tie 4th Place).
Yes, But

The team's performance has been a mix of close misses and impressive wins, leaving little room for error in their bid for an NCAA tournament.

State of Play
  • The Huskers face Rutgers, a team with strong hitters and a pitcher who pose a significant challenge.
  • Rutgers currently sits at 96th in RPI and presents an opportunity for the Huskers to improve their standing.
  • Injuries have impacted the team, reminiscent of the challenges faced by the football team last fall.
What's Next

The upcoming games against Rutgers will be crucial in determining the Huskers' path to the NCAA tournament, with wins needed to enhance their standing.

Bottom Line

The Huskers are at a critical juncture where victories against Rutgers are imperative for their NCAA bid, highlighting the importance of capitalizing on opportunities and overcoming challenges to secure their postseason aspirations.