Phil Kershaw's presidency with the Saskatchewan Roughriders was filled with memorable experiences, including interactions with Wayne Gretzky and involvement in groundbreaking decisions for the CFL.

By the Numbers
  • Kershaw became President of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1989.
  • He served over 1,135 days as head of the Roughriders' Management Committee.
  • Kershaw was instrumental in the Roughriders' push to host the 1995 Grey Cup in Saskatchewan.
Yes, But

Some initial skepticism and resistance were faced regarding Kershaw's ambitious plans for the Roughriders, particularly in hosting the Grey Cup.

State of Play
  • Kershaw's bold initiatives eventually garnered significant support, leading to successful outcomes such as hosting the 1995 Grey Cup in Saskatchewan.
  • His contributions have left a lasting legacy with four Grey Cup Festivals held in Saskatchewan and the development of Mosaic Stadium.
What's Next

Looking forward, Kershaw continues his work in clean technology and alternative energy through his ventures at PJK Communications and ABCT Pacific VCC.

Bottom Line

Phil Kershaw's transformative tenure as President of the Saskatchewan Roughriders highlights the power of bold vision and perseverance in shaping the future of a storied sports organization, leaving a lasting impact on the CFL and Saskatchewan sports history.