The Toronto Raptors lost their 3rd game in a row to the Miami Heat, with a final score of 125-103, in a match where the Heat dominated from the start.

By the Numbers
  • The Raptors have a 45.8% chance of keeping their pick, a 37.2% chance of moving into the top 4, and a 9% shot at landing the 1st pick.
  • The Heat scored 54 points in the paint and shot 41.5% from behind the arc, hitting 17 out of 41 attempts.
Yes, But

The Raptors showed initial energy but struggled defensively, especially in the paint, allowing the Heat to dominate.

State of Play
  • Raptors initially kept the game close but fell behind quickly with Heat's strong offense and suffocating defense.
  • Despite efforts from RJ Barrett, the Raptors' lack of support from teammates and defensive lapses led to a decisive Heat victory.
What's Next

The Raptors face uncertainties in their upcoming games as they aim to improve their performance and secure better results.

Bottom Line

The Toronto Raptors faced a tough loss to the Miami Heat, highlighting the need for defensive improvements and better team support for future games.