Rodgers, the Rockies' second baseman, is struggling offensively, batting .174 with 10 strikeouts, along with teammates Jones and Bryant facing similar challenges in the lineup.

By the Numbers
  • Rodgers: batting .174 with 10 strikeouts
  • Nolan Jones: .157 batting average, 23 strikeouts
  • Kris Bryant: .100 batting average, 15 strikeouts
Yes, But

Rodgers aims to maintain his defensive contribution until his offense picks up, displaying frustration at fouling off pitches he usually drives successfully.

State of Play
  • Rodgers is striving to break his slow offensive start through consistent play on both sides of the ball.
  • The Rockies are currently at 3-10, with hopes that Rodgers, along with other struggling hitters, will soon turn the corner to improve the team's performance.
What's Next

A potential breakout in performance is anticipated for Rodgers and the Rockies' struggling hitters, with the team looking to elevate their offensive game during the upcoming road trip.

Bottom Line

Rodgers' offensive struggles, along with those of his teammates, present challenges, but the Rockies remain optimistic about a turnaround in performance, focusing on a collective improvement to enhance their overall game.