Hopes of a fifth Champions League spot for England face challenges as Premier League clubs struggle in European competitions. Italy is likely to secure an extra spot, leaving the Premier League competing with the Bundesliga for the additional place.

By the Numbers
  • England and Germany are neck and neck in UEFA's country ranking, with the Premier League having a 58% chance of securing an extra Champions League spot.
  • England had the most representatives in European competition initially, but their seasonal coefficient was impacted by poor performances from Newcastle United and Manchester United.
State of Play
  • Italy is almost guaranteed an extra Champions League spot, while Germany and England are close in points, with the Premier League having a slight edge.
  • Liverpool and West Ham face challenges in European competitions, while Aston Villa's progress in the Europa Conference League is promising.
What's Next

Progression for Manchester City and Arsenal in European competitions could be pivotal for England's chances of securing an additional Champions League spot for next season.

Bottom Line

The race for the fifth Champions League spot is intense between England and Germany, with performances in ongoing European competitions crucial for determining the final outcome and securing additional spots for the 2024-25 campaign.