In a decisive 12-4 victory over the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre, Rockies' second-year player Nolan Jones showcased his resilience with his first home run of the season, accompanied by a double, contributing significantly to the team's 20-hit performance.

By the Numbers
  • Nolan Jones hit his first home run of the 2024 season, clocking in at a Statcast-projected 112 mph.
  • The Rockies secured their first win in nine games played at Rogers Centre, breaking a streak of losses at the venue.
State of Play
  • Rockies players like Nolan Jones and Brendan Rodgers showed notable improvement and breakthrough performances, ending a streak of struggles at Rogers Centre.
  • The team's dynamic offensive display, marked by 20 hits and significant contributions from various players, signals a positive shift in their performance.
Bottom Line

Despite a challenging start to the season, Nolan Jones' impactful contributions and the team's collective effort in securing their first win at Rogers Centre highlight a turning point and renewed momentum for the Rockies.