The Indiana Pacers are on the verge of securing a playoff spot and avoiding the play-in games with a win. Their upcoming matches against the Cavs and the Hawks should help solidify this position, with potential seeds ranging from fourth to sixth in the Eastern Conference.

By the Numbers
  • Pacers need one more win for a playoff spot
  • Pacers could finish between fourth to sixth seed in the East
Yes, But

The seeding scenarios remain complex, but the Pacers are in a favorable position due to their strong offense and potential for a first-round upset.

State of Play
  • Indiana is poised for a playoff spot with upcoming favorable matchups.
  • Charles Barkley and Shaq predict a potential upset by the Pacers against the Knicks in the playoffs.
What's Next

If the Pacers secure a win against the Cavs, they may avoid facing the Knicks in the first round, setting up an intriguing matchup scenario.

Bottom Line

The Indiana Pacers are gearing up for the playoffs with the potential to disrupt the expected outcomes, drawing attention from notable analysts for their prowess and capability to cause an upset.