Syracuse men’s basketball faces decisions on filling roster spots as transfers are confirmed, leaving four scholarships open for the upcoming season.

By the Numbers
  • Two transfers visiting this weekend: Dakota Laffew and Jyare Davis.
  • Jyare Davis averaged 17.1 points and 7.5 rebounds per game last season, shooting 24.6% from 3.
State of Play
  • Adrian Autry and his staff are seeking commitments to fill the final two roster spots, considering players like Roddy Gayle and Jaquan Carlos.
  • There is a focus on securing players who can contribute beyond the upcoming season to ensure roster stability.
What's Next

Autry's decision on the final two spots will be crucial in shaping the team's competitiveness and future roster stability.

Bottom Line

Syracuse men’s basketball faces a pivotal moment with roster decisions, aiming to balance immediate needs with long-term roster planning for sustained success.