Kevin Gausman's recent struggles on the mound have raised concerns for the Toronto Blue Jays, with his performance taking a downturn after a promising start to the season.

By the Numbers
  • Gausman's fastball averaged 91.6 m.p.h. against the New York Yankees but dropped to 93.9 m.p.h. against the Colorado Rockies.
  • Despite generating 18 whiffs with his fastball, he gave up six runs on 10 hits in 3.2 innings against the Rockies.
Yes, But

Gausman's recent struggles may be attributed to his ongoing transition from spring training to the regular season, indicating a need for more time to readjust and find his form.

State of Play
  • Manager John Schneider is considering potential options to optimize the rotation, including possible changes in the pitching staff lineup and utilizing Alek Manoah's return for stability.
  • Gausman's fluctuations in performance add pressure on the pitching rotation, necessitating a swift resolution to his current challenges to maintain consistency and effectiveness.
What's Next

The Toronto Blue Jays will closely monitor Gausman’s progress and readiness to return to form, while also keeping an eye on Alek Manoah's rehabilitation to bolster the rotation and provide stability moving forward.

Bottom Line

Kevin Gausman's struggles present a critical challenge for the Blue Jays, highlighting the importance of his quick recovery to maintain pitching stability and performance consistency in the coming games.