The Chicago Bears are aiming for their perfect 2024 draft with quarterback Caleb Williams as their top pick, following the trade of Justin Fields. Their priorities include speed across all positions, an elite edge rusher, a developing third receiver, better protection for Williams, and trading back for additional picks due to limited selections. Addressing defensive tackle and safety needs, adding a third tight end and a speed running back, as well as securing a multipurpose punt returner and a long snapper round up their draft aspirations, despite the challenges they may face.

By the Numbers
  • The Bears have only four draft picks for the 2024 draft.
State of Play
  • The Bears are in a crucial position to improve their roster through the draft, aiming to address multiple key areas of need.
  • Limited draft picks pose a challenge in achieving all desired objectives.
Bottom Line

The Chicago Bears are strategically planning their 2024 draft to address critical roster gaps and set a foundation for future success, although their limited number of picks could hinder the realization of their ideal draft scenario.