Get insights from a conversation with Georgia safety Tykee Smith, a top prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, discussing his journey from West Virginia to a successful career at Georgia.

By the Numbers
  • Smith values his time at West Virginia for the hard-working mindset gained.
  • He highlights the significance of playing alongside peers like Javon Bullard at Georgia.
Yes, But

Smith acknowledges challenges faced due to injury and confidence issues along his football journey.

State of Play
  • Smith reflects on the experience of participating in the Senior Bowl and earning the American Team MVP award.
  • He shares how fatherhood has brought added responsibility and motivation to his life.
What's Next

Smith emphasizes his work ethic, reliability, and team-oriented approach, offering a valuable addition to any NFL team.

Bottom Line

Smith's journey illustrates resilience, growth, and a commitment to excellence, making him a promising prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft.