The Basketball Hall of Fame is introducing a new exhibit titled "The Vault: Boston Celtics Unlocked," starting with the Boston Celtics as the inaugural feature this summer in Springfield. The exhibit will pay tribute to the Celtics' history with a collection of donated items including championship rings and memorabilia from iconic players like Larry Bird and Paul Pierce. Voiceovers by Paul Pierce and Jayson Tatum will emphasize connecting the team's past achievements with its present successes.

By the Numbers
  • The exhibit will showcase 11 original championship rings from various eras of Celtics history.
  • Memorabilia such as Ray Allen's 2008 Finals jersey, Paul Pierce's St. Patrick's Day edition jersey, Robert Parish's 20,000-point ball, and Larry Bird's Dream Team clogs will be on display.
Yes, But

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State of Play
  • "The Vault: Boston Celtics Unlocked" exhibit will mark the Celtics as the first team to be featured in this rotating display at the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • The exhibit aims to create a connection between the rich history of the Celtics and their present-day achievements, fostering a sense of continuity and legacy within the organization.
What's Next

Basketball fans and Celtics supporters are anticipated to engage with and enjoy the exhibit, appreciating the historical significance and storytelling that it offers.

Bottom Line

The Basketball Hall of Fame's new exhibit, "The Vault: Boston Celtics Unlocked," celebrates the Celtics' legacy through a diverse array of historical memorabilia, reinforcing the team's enduring impact on the NBA and connecting past glory with current success.