In Cleveland, the Guardians are gearing up to make the first overall pick in the upcoming baseball draft, with options narrowing down to four standout players: Travis Bazzana, Charlie Condon, Braden Montgomery, and Konnor Griffin.

By the Numbers
  • Travis Bazzana: 32 games, .458/.605/1.042, 18 home runs
  • Charlie Condon: 35 games, .485/.591/1.114, 23 home runs
  • Braden Montgomery: 34 games, .392/.515/.923, 19 home runs
  • Konnor Griffin: 31 games, .515/.645/.975, 5 home runs
Yes, But

The Guardians may face challenges in selecting among these promising players given the differing strengths and potential each one offers.

State of Play
  • The Guardians will need to continue evaluating the prospects over the next months as they approach the draft.
  • Speculation surrounds Bazzana and Condon as top choices, with Montgomery and Griffin also being strong contenders.
What's Next

The Guardians will closely monitor the performance of these players as the draft day approaches, aiming to make a pivotal selection for the team's future.

Bottom Line

With the draft fast approaching, the Guardians must weigh their options carefully to secure a player who can make a significant impact on the team's success moving forward.