Ángel Hernández made a historic missed call during a game between the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, where he inaccurately called three pitches as strikes, with one being the largest miss in Umpire Auditor history.

By the Numbers
  • The strikeout pitch missed outside by 6.78 inches.
  • Umpire Auditor labeled the called third strike on Langford as the worst in its history.
Yes, But

The game was not close, with an 8-1 score, but the questionable calls impacted the game as the Astros managed to reach the same score as the Rangers had at the time of the bad calls.

State of Play
  • Hernández's questionable calls drew criticism from both teams' announcers.
  • France, the pitcher in question, had struggled with control, having walked four hitters in 3.1 innings.
  • Despite the controversy, the Rangers ultimately won the game.
What's Next

There may be increased scrutiny on Angel Hernández's umpiring decisions following this high-profile incident, potentially leading to calls for more accountability in officiating.

Bottom Line

Hernández's pivotal missed calls during the game have sparked debate over the role and impact of umpires in baseball, highlighting the need for consistency and accuracy in officiating to maintain the integrity of the sport.