The Oklahoma Sooners are gearing up for the transition to the SEC, with wide receiver Deion Burks expressing confidence in the team's readiness for the new challenges ahead.

By the Numbers
  • Some pundits predict a six or seven-win season for the Sooners in 2024 if the offensive line struggles.
  • Deion Burks is making waves in the deep wide receiver room at Oklahoma this spring.
Yes, But

While there are doubts about Oklahoma's ability to contend in the SEC, transfer wide receiver Deion Burks believes in the team's potential.

State of Play
  • Oklahoma is preparing for the challenge of moving to the SEC and adjusting to the week-to-week grind of the new conference.
  • Deion Burks' confidence and competitive spirit are seen as valuable assets by head coach Brent Venables.
What's Next

As the 2024 season approaches, all eyes will be on how the Sooners adapt to the heightened competition in the SEC.

Bottom Line

Deion Burks' belief in Oklahoma's ability to thrive in the SEC underscores the team's determination to excel amidst conference realignment and new challenges.