PFB is teaming up with Pokes With A Purpose for a season ticket raffle, offering fans a chance to win season tickets and autographed items by entering before April 28. Scores include a softball loss and a baseball win for OSU.

By the Numbers
  • Softball: Iowa State 2, Cowgirls 0
  • Baseball: OSU 8, Cincinnati 4
Yes, But

The article highlights positive recognition for Oklahoma State in college football rankings but also notes the importance of defensive consistency for the team.

State of Play
  • Encouraging feedback in college football rankings for Oklahoma State
  • Emphasis on defensive performance being key for the team's success
What's Next

It remains to be seen how Oklahoma State will fare in the upcoming season, especially in light of the importance placed on defensive consistency.

Bottom Line

Oklahoma State's position in college football rankings shows promise, contingent on maintaining defensive stability, setting the tone for a competitive season ahead.