New head coach Mark Pope is set to build Kentucky Basketball's roster and coaching staff after being named the 23rd head coach, including potential recruits and assistants following him to the program.

By the Numbers
  • Player - Dallin Hall: Averaged nine points and five assists per game last season.
  • Player - Jaxson Robinson: BYU's best player last season, averaging over 14 PPG.
Yes, But

While some players and coaches are rumored to join Pope at Kentucky, not all potential moves may materialize, and there could be changes in plans.

State of Play
  • New head coach Mark Pope is actively working on building his roster and coaching staff.
  • Several recruits and assistants are being considered to join Kentucky Basketball under Pope's leadership.
What's Next

Pope is expected to introduce his coaching staff and make additional recruit announcements during the upcoming news conference.

Bottom Line

With Mark Pope at the helm, Kentucky Basketball is undergoing significant changes in both roster composition and coaching staff, signaling a new era for the program under his leadership.