Mississippi State's junior right-handed pitcher Khal Stephen continues to dominate opposing lineups, showing an impressive performance in his last four starts, allowing only three earned runs in 27.1 innings. His recent outings against Georgia and Ole Miss have been exceptional, with eight shutout innings against the Rebels being a standout. Stephen's season earned run average has significantly dropped to 2.84, attributed to a 67 percent strike rate and 29 strikeouts in the last four starts. His command of the fastball and slider has made him a formidable opponent, drawing praise from head coach Chris Lemonis.

By the Numbers
  • Stephen allowed only three earned runs in his last four starts.
  • His season earned run average has dropped to 2.84.
  • Stephen has a strike rate of 67 percent and has struck out 29 batters in the last four starts.
State of Play
  • Mississippi State's pitcher Khal Stephen has been pivotal in setting the tone for the team, with an impressive performance in recent games.
  • His dominant pitching led to the team's victory over Ole Miss, securing the first shutout of an SEC opponent since 2021.
Bottom Line

Khal Stephen's exceptional performance on the mound has been instrumental in strengthening Mississippi State's position in the Southeastern Conference, leading the team to victory and significantly impacting their overall standing.