The Memphis Grizzlies faced the Los Angeles Lakers in a close game, with the Lakers securing a 123-120 victory despite the Grizzlies outplaying them for most of the night. Lakers' stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis shone in clutch moments, leading to disappointment from the Lakers' camp, with forward Rui Hachimura deeming it one of their worst games this season.

By the Numbers
  • Grizzlies forced 19 turnovers from the Lakers.
  • Lakers shot 52.8% from the field.
Yes, But

The Grizzlies, despite being in a rebuilding phase, pushed the Lakers to their limits, showcasing resilience and competitiveness.

State of Play
  • Memphis Grizzlies challenged the Lakers despite missing 13 players.
  • Lakers' victory highlighted by LeBron James' performance with 37 points.
  • Rui Hachimura criticized the Lakers' performance as subpar.
What's Next

The Lakers will aim to bounce back from this lackluster showing as they prepare for the upcoming Play-In Tournament, while the Grizzlies continue to demonstrate their potential and competitiveness.

Bottom Line

Despite the Lakers' win, the disappointment expressed by Rui Hachimura signifies the high expectations and standards within the Lakers organization, emphasizing the need for improvement and consistency as they head into the postseason.