PFF identifies LSU defensive lineman Mekhi Wingo as a strong fit for the Rams in the upcoming NFL Draft, potentially filling the void left by Aaron Donald and Jonah Williams.

By the Numbers
  • Wingo earned a 77.6 PFF grade in 2023, exceeding a 73.0 mark for the third consecutive season.
  • He shares similarities with Aaron Donald, showcasing quickness and potential to be a key rotational piece.
Yes, But

Some may question Wingo's size and immediate impact capability, but his potential for development and fitting the Rams' defensive line mold are strong points.

State of Play
  • The Rams are actively seeking a defensive lineman, with Wingo emerging as a promising candidate for rounds 4-7.
  • His attributes align with the Rams' preferences, making him a strategic choice for the team's defense.
What's Next

If selected by the Rams, Wingo has the potential to grow into a valuable asset within the team's defensive rotation, showcasing the traits they typically value in linemen.

Bottom Line

LSU's Mekhi Wingo presents an exciting prospect for the Rams, offering a blend of quickness and potential that align well with the team's defensive strategy, positioning him as a solid choice in the upcoming draft.