Analyst predicts Luke Kornet's potential departure from the Boston Celtics as he heads into free agency, with a projected destination being the Memphis Grizzlies to reunite with former teammate Marcus Smart.

By the Numbers
  • Kornet, 7'2" and 250 pounds, is having one of the best seasons in his career.
  • Brad Stevens may only be able to offer Kornet limited salary due to financial constraints.
Yes, But

Kornet's departure from the Celtics may result in losing a serviceable backup center with energy and intensity.

State of Play
  • Kornet's improved performance on the court has not guaranteed a consistent role in the rotation.
  • Financial constraints may force the Celtics to consider letting Kornet go in free agency.
What's Next

As Kornet approaches free agency, his priority is likely securing the best contract possible, potentially leading to his departure from the Celtics.

Bottom Line

With uncertainty surrounding Luke Kornet's future with the Boston Celtics, his potential departure highlights the challenges of balancing performance and financial constraints in NBA roster decisions.