The Miami Dolphins are facing tough decisions with their aging high-paid players as they head into an interesting offseason, with a particular focus on QB Tua Tagovailoa. Three players are likely entering their final season with the team:

By the Numbers
  • Jalen Ramsey is due to make over $26 million in 2025, and the Dolphins could save almost $20 million against the cap by designating him as a post June-1 cut next offseason.
  • Cutting Raheem Mostert would only cost the Dolphins about $1 million in dead cap, making him expendable despite a breakout season in 2023.
Yes, But

The performance of these players in the upcoming season could significantly impact their future with the Dolphins.

State of Play
  • Key Dolphins players are approaching the end of their contracts and may not be part of the team's long-term plans.
  • The team faces financial challenges with several top-paid players over 30 years old.
What's Next

The Dolphins will closely monitor the performance of these players in the upcoming season to determine their future with the team.

Bottom Line

The Dolphins are at a crossroads with aging players and financial constraints, needing to make strategic decisions to ensure the team's competitiveness in the future.