The Miami Dolphins face a challenge in finding a replacement for Christian Wilkins, known for his prominent role on the defensive line. The team seems inclined to rotate more players on the defensive line under new coordinator, Anthony Weaver, as evident from offseason signings. In the upcoming draft, Byron Murphy and Johnny Newton are potential picks at #21 to bolster the Dolphins' defensive line.

By the Numbers
  • Christian Wilkins was an almost every-down player on the defensive line.
  • Byron Murphy and Johnny Newton are names to watch for at pick #21 in the draft.
Yes, But

Injury concerns might affect the choice of players in the draft for the Miami Dolphins.

State of Play
  • Anthony Weaver is the new defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.
  • The team is focusing on rotating more players on the defensive line.
What's Next

The Miami Dolphins will need to make strategic decisions in the draft to address the gap left by Christian Wilkins effectively, balancing talent and potential injury risks.

Bottom Line

With Christian Wilkins' significant role to fill, the Miami Dolphins must make wise selections in the draft to strengthen their defensive line amidst injury concerns, guided by the new rotational strategy under Anthony Weaver.