Notre Dame's jersey scrimmage showcased a dominant defense, with the defense winning in a modified scoring system that emphasized three-and-outs. The performance highlighted Al Golden's impact as defensive coordinator and the depth of experience in the team, signaling a strong defensive outlook for the upcoming season.

By the Numbers
  • 80-play scrimmage included a couple of pick sixes
  • Defense awarded points for three-and-outs
Yes, But

Notre Dame's offensive challenges were evident, with notable areas for improvement in the quarterback position, offensive line, and receiver group.

State of Play
  • Defense excelled with notable performances from key players
  • Offense struggled in various aspects, showcasing areas that need development
  • Coordinators and coaches actively involved in refining team dynamics
What's Next

Improvements are crucial for both offense and defense before the start of the season, with a focus on enhancing quarterback performance, shoring up the offensive line, and fine-tuning the receiver corps to complement the strong defensive lineup.

Bottom Line

The scrimmage highlighted the potential of Notre Dame's defense to lead the team to success, but also underscored the pressing need for offensive growth and development to ensure a balanced and competitive season ahead.