Notre Dame football's spring scrimmage highlighted defensive dominance, with freshman C.J. Carr impressing as quarterback and concerns lingering about key players' readiness for the upcoming season.

By the Numbers
  • C.J. Carr showcased pocket poise and rush awareness, making notable plays, including a 21-yard touchdown pass to Cam Williams.
  • Riley Leonard, the expected starting quarterback, was limited due to ankle surgery, raising questions about the team's offensive strategy.
Yes, But

The absence of a standout tight end and uncertainties in key positions pose challenges for Notre Dame's offense going forward.

State of Play
  • The defense demonstrated strength and depth, with players like Jeremiah Love and Jaden Mickey showing promising performances.
  • Concerns persist regarding the kicking game's consistency and the depth of talent in certain positions.
What's Next

Looking ahead, Notre Dame anticipates a quarterback competition in August and aims to address offensive gaps to ensure a competitive season.

Bottom Line

Notre Dame's spring scrimmage showcased defensive prowess but raised concerns about offensive stability and player readiness, signaling areas demanding improvement for a successful upcoming season.