The Philadelphia Flyers' season hinges on Saturday's game, with playoff hopes on the line after a recent slump and a crucial win against the NY Rangers. With two games left, victories against the New Jersey Devils and the Washington Capitals are paramount for their playoff aspirations.

By the Numbers
  • The Flyers have 85 points, tied with Washington and Detroit, while Pittsburgh holds the final playoff spot at 86 points.
  • If the Flyers win against the Devils, they could leapfrog to claim the last playoff spot, depending on other teams' outcomes.
Yes, But

The Flyers' path to the playoffs is complicated by the need for other teams to lose, the Flyers having one game left while others have two, and the risk of being edged out by Detroit's favorable schedule.

State of Play
  • The Flyers must secure wins against the Devils and Capitals while hoping for favorable results from other teams to secure a playoff berth.
  • Pittsburgh, Washington, and Detroit are also competing for the final playoff spot, intensifying the competition.
What's Next

The outcome of Saturday's game will dictate the Flyers' playoff chances and set the stage for crucial matchups and scoreboard-watching in the coming days.

Bottom Line

The Philadelphia Flyers face a do-or-die moment on Saturday, needing a win to stay in the playoff race amidst intense competition for the final spot, highlighting the significance of each remaining game and the dependence on other teams' results.