Pittsburgh Pirates' top prospect Paul Skenes continues to impress at Triple-A, pitching 9.1 scoreless innings to start the season with 19 strikeouts and only two walks.

By the Numbers
  • 19 strikeouts in 9.1 innings
  • Only two walks allowed
Yes, But

The Pirates are carefully managing Skenes' pitch count and innings, potentially delaying his major league call-up.

State of Play
  • Skenes is ranked as the No. 3 overall prospect in baseball.
  • The Pirates have a 10-4 record and are set to play against the Phillies on Saturday.
What's Next

Skenes could potentially become the top prospect when the current top prospects graduate into the major leagues.

Bottom Line

Pittsburgh Pirates' top prospect Paul Skenes is showcasing immense potential in the minor leagues, sparking excitement for his future in the major leagues and potentially leading the team to formidable rotations.