Rams mock draft focuses solely on defense, selecting Laiatu Latu, Kamari Lassiter, Ruke Orhororo, and Leonard Taylor in the first three rounds.

By the Numbers
  • Laiatu Latu picked at 19th overall.
  • Kamari Lassiter chosen at 52nd overall.
Yes, But

Differing opinions on the potential of Kamari Lassiter and Ruke Orhororo's draft positioning.

State of Play
  • Ruke Orhororo considered a first-round talent by some analysts.
  • Kamari Lassiter projected near the 41st spot in mock drafts.
  • Leonard Taylor, ranked 112th, shows promise despite a challenging season.
What's Next

Potential for changes in player rankings leading up to the draft and uncertainties about actual draft outcomes.

Bottom Line

The Rams' defensive draft strategy presents a mix of potential high-value picks and uncertainties, leaving room for varied assessments and future draft developments.