The Toronto Raptors, known for their strong drafting, face a crucial NBA Draft with potential high picks that could shape the future of the franchise. Despite not being a top free-agent destination, the Raptors have consistently discovered talent through the draft, developing a roster of stars over nearly three decades. One notable steal is Fred VanVleet, who, despite being undrafted, became a key player, contributing to the Raptors' 2019 Championship win and earning an All-Star spot.

By the Numbers
  • VanVleet played seven seasons with the Raptors.
  • He made an All-Star team in 2021-22.
Bottom Line

The Toronto Raptors have a strong track record of finding talent in the draft, as exemplified by the success story of Fred VanVleet, an undrafted player who became a key player and even earned an All-Star nod.