The Los Angeles Rams are assessing potential quarterback options for the upcoming NFL Draft, considering various prospects across different tiers based on suitability and skill set.

By the Numbers
  • Drake Maye: Prototypical size, strong arm, but needs work on decision-making and mechanics.
  • J.J. McCarthy: Talented with good poise, but still an incomplete prospect needing refinement.
Yes, But

The decision to select a quarterback remains uncertain, with factors like existing signings influencing the team's draft strategy.

State of Play
  • The Rams have signed Jimmy Garoppolo and retained Stetson Bennett, impacting the likelihood of drafting a quarterback.
  • Potential options span from unlikely choices like Drake Maye to more probable picks like Michael Pratt or Devin Leary.
What's Next

The Rams should carefully weigh the value of selecting a quarterback early in the draft, considering the potential impact on their overall strategy and team development.

Bottom Line

With a range of quarterback options available, the Rams must strategically evaluate their draft choices to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure optimal team outcomes.