UConn celebrated their second consecutive NCAA championship with a parade in downtown Hartford, drawing thousands of fans to honor the team's success.

By the Numbers
  • The UConn men's basketball team won their sixth NCAA championship in 25 years.
  • They won all 12 games they played in the tournament by double digits.
Yes, But

Some key players, including Donovan Clingan and Tristen Newton, will not be returning to the team next season, which might impact their performance.

State of Play
  • The team parade included players, coaches, marching bands, cheerleaders, and state politicians, showcasing strong community support.
  • Coach Dan Hurley emphasized the goal of winning a third consecutive championship during the celebratory event.
What's Next

The team aims to secure a record-breaking third consecutive championship, with potential changes in the roster likely to impact their future performance.

Bottom Line

UConn's back-to-back NCAA championship parade highlighted the team's success and strong community support, setting the stage for their ambitious pursuit of a third consecutive title despite key player departures.