Umpire Angel Hernandez went viral for a series of missed calls in the Astros vs. Rangers game, setting a new record for a horrible call on a strikeout.

By the Numbers
  • Hernandez rang up Wyatt Langford on three consecutive pitches out of the strike zone, with the strikeout pitch missing outside by 6.78 inches, the largest miss in Umpire Auditor history.
Yes, But

Hernandez's poor calls did not impact the game's outcome, as the Rangers still won (12-8); however, his consistent missed calls and controversies are concerning.

State of Play
  • Hernandez has a history of routine missed calls, conflicts with players and managers, and being the lowest graded umpire in baseball in the previous season, raising questions about his performance.
  • Despite the controversies, the Rangers and Astros are scheduled to face each other again on Saturday afternoon, with notable pitchers set to start the game.
What's Next

It remains to be seen how Hernandez's recent record-setting poor calls will impact his future assignments and the ongoing scrutiny of umpires' performances in MLB games.

Bottom Line

Angel Hernandez's latest series of missed calls and record-setting dubious call highlight the ongoing concerns about his performance and raise questions about the quality of umpiring in professional baseball.